This is a real ranch, with real dangers.

Beware of snakes, coyotes, rats, scorpions, fire ants, wasps, poisonous plants, sudden drops and cliffs, hidden debris, sharp metal, and other hazards. To all employees and guests of the ranch: when you are outdoors, you are responsible for your own safety — so be smart.

Be careful, you will be potentially exposed to these hazards:

  • Plants like poison oak, poison ivy, large thorn bushes, and brush nettle.
  • Fire ants, snakes, wasps, coyotes, rats, scorpions, and more.
  • Dangerous objects and hidden hazards like sharp metal, barbed wire, falling/loose branches, sudden drops, and cliffs.
  • Tools, poisons, and other farm equipment used for the ranch’s maintenance.

You must abide by the Rules of the Ranch during your time here.

You are responsible for yourself while at the Ranch and all guests must sign a waiver.