We love sharing the Ranch with the community.

Within our office, we have almost 6,500 square feet of conference space for our own use, but also for use by the community at little or no cost. We lend our communal space to local organizations, meetups, nonprofits, or anyone who needs a place to do something worthwhile. If you want to host an event — whether a small business meeting to a larger fundraiser — we are happy to give back.

Hosting an event at the Ranch.

Our venue is perfect for community groups, business groups, board meetings, off-site retreats, networking groups, training sessions, and fundraisers. Often we host events for free, but sometimes we do charge a nominal fee for after-hours events and security requirements.

Room Specifications

  Theater Style
(no tables)
Boardroom Style / U-Shaped Classroom Style Reception / Standing
Blueberry Meeting Room 50 22
(3 across the back and 4 down each side)
(4 rows of 8)
Kiwi Meeting Room 20 14
(3 rows and 1 at the end)
N/A 25
Banana Meeting Room 10 6 N/A 15
Watermelon Meeting Room 22 18
(4 rows and 1 at the end)
N/A 28
Plaza 200     250


We also have beautiful outdoor spaces with shaded seating, a basketball court, and an entire shed full of games and activities. The backyard has the capacity for 500 attendees.

Ranch FAQ

Is there a fee to use the Ranch?
Call to discuss, but below are the standard fee requirements. In general, if it is a weekday meeting during business hours, using the space is free. Fees cover staffing and cleaning needs. We waive fees on a case-by-case basis.

Will there be on-site support?
GasPedal will have at least one staff member on-site during an event.

Do I need insurance?
We require insurance on a case-by-case basis and we will let you know if you need to purchase it. If you do need insurance, we recommend K&K Insurance, but you are free to use your own agent. Please make sure GasPedal LLC and Global Worldwide LLC are listed as “additional insured.” Generally, waivers need to be signed if:

  1. The group is larger than 50 people and they will use the outdoor space
  2. Children are attending
  3. Alcohol is present (Note: If alcohol is present you must have a TABC certified bartender.)

Are there any catering restrictions?
No, you are welcome to bring food in from wherever you like. If you need recommendations we have a list we can share with you.

What is the parking capacity?
We have over 100 parking spots available (half are on dirt).

Rules of the Ranch

  1. Guests will only enter spaced agreed to above and will not disturb or interfere with other activities happening in adjacent spaces.
  2. Guests will not enter or attempt to enter any area not specifically permitted as part of the agreement. At no time are guests allowed in office areas, gym, or areas beyond the parking lot, building, or backyard.
  3. Only designated food and beverages as mentioned in the agreement
  4. No smoking, candles, fires, or open flame
  5. No cooking with equipment other than what GasPedal provides. No use of propane, charcoal grills, hot plates, or other similar equipment
  6. No alcohol (unless agreed upon in separate agreement)
  7. No use of the gym or fitness equipment without specific permission
  8. No vehicles outside parking lot. No sports vehicles, ATVs, go-karts, golf carts, etc.
  9. No propping open exterior doors