Ranch FAQ

Is there a fee to use the Ranch?
In general, if it is a weekday meeting during business hours, using the space is free. Fees cover staffing and cleaning needs. We waive fees on a case-by-case basis. Call 512-651-4800 to further discuss our standard fee requirements.

Will there be on-site support?
GasPedal will have at least one staff member on-site during an event.

Do I need insurance?
We require insurance on a case-by-case basis and we will let you know if you need to purchase it. If you do need insurance, we recommend K&K Insurance, but you are free to use your own agent. Please make sure GasPedal LLC and Global Worldwide LLC are listed as “additional insured.” Generally, waivers need to be signed if:

  1. The group is larger than 50 people and they will use the outdoor space
  2. Children are attending
  3. Alcohol is present (Note: If alcohol is present you must have a TABC certified bartender.)

Are there any catering restrictions?
No, you are welcome to bring food in from wherever you like. If you need recommendations, we have a list we can share with you.

What is the parking capacity?
We have over 100 parking spots available (half are on dirt).