Rules of the Ranch

  1. Safety first.
  2. Guests will only enter the spaces they’ve agreed to above and will not disturb or interfere with other activities happening in adjacent spaces.
  3. Guests will not enter or attempt to enter any area not specifically permitted as part of the agreement. At no time are guests allowed in office areas, the gym, or areas beyond the parking lot, building, or backyard.
  4. Only designated food and beverages as mentioned in the agreement.
  5. No smoking, candles, fires, or open flame.
  6. No cooking with equipment other than what GasPedal provides. No use of propane, charcoal grills, hot plates, or other similar equipment.
  7. No alcohol (unless agreed upon in separate agreement).
  8. No use of the gym or fitness equipment without specific permission.
  9. No vehicles outside the parking lot. No sports vehicles, ATVs, go-karts, golf carts, etc.
  10. No propping open exterior doors.