We designed the Ranch from the ground up to be a great place to work.

Great places to work are all about community — where different spaces are designed for different interactions.

We believe in private offices.

All of our staff get a private office — and are encouraged to customize their spaces to make them feel most at home. Our offices have custom lighting, sit-stand desks, and lots of natural light. We wanted everyone to have a quiet, cozy place to retreat to for work that requires intense focus and concentration. We aim for privacy but never isolation.

But we love to collaborate. So we have spaces for that, too.

We’re all intense collaborators who enjoy hashing it out while on sofas, over coffee in our central plaza, or while outside in the backyard. Our communal workspaces are purpose-built for brainstorms, feedback sessions, editing, and discussions.

Perks of working on the Ranch.

Our team members’ health and wellness are important — so we support them with some other small touches. For example, we have a kitchen fully stocked with healthy food and drinks. And we have a gym and shower facility onsite that’s available off hours. We also have a guest house on our property that is open to employees, their friends, and their families to use. Other perks include:

  • hiking trails;
  • a basketball court;
  • a pickleball court;
  • lounges;
  • a library;
  • outdoor games and toys;
  • and child-friendly spaces for when you bring the little ones to work.