The Ranch primarily serves as the headquarters and office for In 2016, teamed up with OPA Architects to convert the Ranch’s main building from former produce warehouse into the beautiful, functional workspace and conference center it is today. (If you look closely, you can still find some exposed structures we kept as an ode to the original building.)

The vision was to create a hub that feels like home.

Our business is all about community, so Campus features with private offices to focus and do work, nooks with couches to collaborate, and a conference center to gather for big ideas. Generous windows overlooking the Ranch line the building — because we believe sunshine is good for the soul.

What inspired the creation of this community-friendly Ranch?

When the team first arrived in Austin, GSD&M offered us free office space at their Idea City headquarters. Our team was blown away with how they used their space to support and give back to the community – a venue for fundraisers, an art gallery featuring local artists in the lobby, and more.

In our main plaza, you’ll find the lone word “idea” prominently displayed among our community tables. This sign is from GDS&M’s former façade for “Idea City” — an homage to their generosity and dedication to the community and a friendly reminder that we proudly carry on such traditions.

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