Campus Rules

  1. Safety first. Please read this page, or print a copy here for your guests.
  2. No smoking, candles, fires, or open flame.
  3. At no time may guests access office areas or the gym unless escorted by staff.
  4. Do not leave the safe areas without explicit, advanced permission. You are responsible for your guests and children. Safe areas include: The Campus office building and adjacent fenced areas, or the Sprinkle Retreat Center (in the fenced area surrounding the house). All other areas are dangerous.
  5. Guests may not disturb or interfere with other activities in adjacent spaces.
  6. No cooking with equipment other than what provides. No use of propane, charcoal grills, hot plates, sterno, or other similar equipment.
  7. No alcohol (unless agreed upon in a separate agreement).
  8. No propping open exterior doors.
  9. No pets allowed.
  10. No vehicles outside the parking areas.
  11. No wheeled vehicles outside of the parking lot or inside building. No use of motorized vehicles anywhere on the property (including ATVs, go-carts, golf carts, etc.).
  12. No drinking and driving.