Sprinkle Retreat Center Rules

  1. Safety first.
  2. All users of the Retreat Center must sign a waiver.
  3. Before you leave, be sure to follow the check-out checklist here.
  4. No events more than 6 people without explicit permission.
  5. Do not share the Sprinkle Retreat Center access codes.
  6. No pets inside the house. Clean up after your pets and dispose of waste properly.
  7. Fire is not allowed: That means no campfires, fire pits, fireworks, candles, lanterns. You may use the grills.
  8. No weapons or firearms of any sort.
  9. No smoking in the house or inside the chain link fence. No smoking at all when fire risk is high.
  10. No illegal activities or substances at any time.
  11. Park only on the driveway or south gate parking area. Never on the lawn.
  12. No motorized vehicles outside official parking areas (other than maintenance vehicles).
  13. Keep all gates closed at all times.
  14. Do not climb over the border fences or cross into neighbor property.
  15. Do not bother the livestock or wildlife.
  16. Do not go near the creek — there is a sharp drop off that could result in injury.
  17. Do not disturb the neighbors. Do not play loud music outdoors after 10PM.
  18. You are welcome to use everything in the kitchen except items found in the owner’s closet. All items in the refrigerator, cabinets, and pantry are permitted for use.
  19. Do not touch supplies in the carport or workshop within it.
  20. Do not enter or play in the empty sheds.
  21. Keep mud and dirt out of the house.
  22. Clean up after yourself. You will be billed for cleaning fees for any remaining messes.
  23. Artifacts: If you find natural or historical artifacts, they stay on the property. This is a shared gift for all to share. Please either leave them where you found them or put them in the display case on the bookshelf. Do not remove anything of historical or scientific value — fossils, shells, Native American objects, etc.