Sprinkle Retreat Center Check-Out

Before you leave the Sprinkle Retreat Center, please be sure to do the following:

  • Dispose of perishables, even if they’re not yours.
  • Close and lock all gates, confirm house doors are locked behind you.
  • Clean up your messes.
  • Do your dishes.
  • Put all dirty towels and linens on the floor.
  • Bag all trash and put in the green can in the garage. Extra garbage bags can be found in the pantry.
  • If you take out any items (sporting goods, BBQ, etc.), please return them.
  • Take any perishable food with you, do not leave in refrigerator.
  • Notify us if there is excess garbage that needs removal — even one bag can attract animals.
  • Turn off any music.
  • If you used up any supplies that need to be replaced, let us know.
  • If you have suggestions for things that will make the Ranch more fun or comfortable, let us know.