Welcome to Trash Mountain Ranch

Established in 2016, Trash Mountain Ranch is a multifunctional office facility and ranch situated less than 10 miles from the heart of downtown Austin.

It serves as a community space that’s a great place to work, give back to the community, and preserve Austin greenspace.

The 88-acre Ranch includes a wildlife preserve, Board.org headquarters, community event space, and the Sprinkle Retreat Center.

We love sharing the Ranch with the community.

The Board.org Campus and the Sprinkle Retreat Center are open to the community at little or no cost. We lend our communal space to local nonprofits, organizations, businesses, meetups, and anyone who needs a place to do something worthwhile.

We use our outdoor space for recreation, work, and as an event space. We maintain a series of nature trails so we and our guests can explore the wilder areas of the Ranch — including Walnut Creek which winds through the property.

Here’s just some of what you’ll find here:

  • hiking trails;
  • a basketball / pickleball court;
  • lounges;
  • a library;
  • outdoor games and toys;
  • and child-friendly spaces for when you bring the little ones to work.

And, one of the greatest perks of being on 88 acres: free and plentiful on-site parking.

About the Board.org Campus:

In 2016, Board.org teamed up with OPA Architects to convert the Ranch’s main building from a former produce warehouse into the beautiful, functional workspace and conference center it is today. (If you look closely, you can still find some exposed structures kept as an ode to the original building.)

The vision was to create a hub that feels like home.

Board.org’s Campus features private offices to focus and do work, nooks with couches to collaborate, and a conference center to gather for big ideas. Generous windows overlooking the property line the building — because sunshine is good for the soul.

What inspired the creation of this community-friendly Ranch?

When the Board.org team first arrived in Austin, GSD&M offered the team free office space at their Idea City headquarters. Board.org was blown away with how they used their space to support and give back to the community – a venue for fundraisers, an art gallery featuring local artists in the lobby, and more.

In the main plaza, you’ll find the lone word “idea” prominently displayed among  communal tables. This sign is from GDS&M’s former facade for “Idea City” — an homage to their generosity and dedication to the community and a friendly reminder that the tradition is proudly carried on.

Host an event at Board.org Campus.

About the Sprinkle Retreat Center:

The Sprinkle Retreat Center is a small 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom cottage house on 20+ acres of beaut. The Retreat Center can be a great place to have a meeting for organizations and friends, use as a private park for the day, or have a short overnight stay. It’s also fully equipped for use as a remote office/video conferencing site.

While you’re here, you can also check out the giant leafcutter ant colony down near the creek, start a baseball game, relax with a book in the quiet trees near the creek, or camp out under the stars.

Host an event at the Sprinkle Retreat Center.

Plus, a more secret and elusive organization…

The third property associated with the Ranch is the Global Worldwide International (GWI) Research Labs — the remains of a secretive operation run by founder Preston Firestone IV.

For many years, GWI was known for taking on projects of minimal complexity and little public acclaim. Anywhere they went, that’s where they were.

Current back-channel, closed-door, unexposed, super-secret ventures can only be disguised as:

  • Ice Mining
  • The Marshmallow Factory
  • The Cheesery
  • Vulture Labs

GWI’s research has been hailed by critics and fans alike as, “impractical,” “useless,” “uncreative,” and “pedestrian.” Outside the Institute’s anachronistic pursuits, GWI manages the Ranch property.

We’re also preserving a piece of Austin history.

The ranch sits right on top of an old ghost town: Sprinkle, TX. Long before paved roads, the town of Sprinkle was situated just northeast of Austin. Its post office was established in 1885, and the town included a school, train station, blacksmith shop, saddle shop, doctor, telegraph, and several local stores.

The population dwindled due to a series of setbacks including trouble with soil fertility, unfortunate urban planning, the death of prominent town leaders, and a typhoid fever epidemic. In 1940, the last piece of recorded history for Sprinkle noted a population of 10.

Learn more about the history of Sprinkle, TX.